Kambiz’s Story

Kambiz Adeeb fled Afghanistan to save his life and the lives of his young family and mother. He was an interpreter and a military instructor working for the British armed forces until the Taliban took over the country. His mother worked as an auditor in the former President’s office.

Kambiz and his mother were on a Taliban hit lists. But after witnessing four young Afghans being shot dead by Taliban gunmen, Kambiz left everything behind, and managed to escape to Iran with his wife, three young children and mother.

They eventually arrived in a Bromsgrove hotel, and now live in a rented home in the town. “Our new life started in Bromsgrove! We feel safe here,” Kambiz said.
And the family is grateful for the supported of BRWR and many others. “We are receiving tons of helps, love, respect, everything here,” he added.

Kambiz has just been selected for promotion to deputy store manager at a town centre supermarket, after just a year in the job.
“The UK people they spend a lot of money on us… to save our lives. I’m trying to be at least good for the society. I work long hours so I can pay tax. The money we received, I want to repay that somehow,” he concluded.