Formed in 2015, Bromsgrove and Redditch Welcome Refugees (BRWR) are a group of volunteers, who support local refugees who’ve arrived under the government’s Syrian Vulnerable Persons’ Relocation Scheme (SVPRS).

Guided by the families themselves regarding the type of support they need, we provide household items from local people, help using buses and trains, and in getting to know the local area and beyond, assistance filling in forms or looking for a job and, of course, personal friendship.

We organise:

• A weekly Conversation Café to help to learn English
• A weekly Craft Group
• A monthly Food and Friendship group
• Monthly clothing collections for refugees in camps across Europe, distributed by People in Motion
• Fundraising Events – as volunteers, we have no specific funding for our organisation
• Education — promoting inclusion, cultural diversity and awareness raising through presentations and workshops in schools and community

To get involved, contact us at info@brwr.uk

The key people leading this initiative are:

Chair: Yvonne Rendell

Treasurer: Sarah Deschamps

BRWR Policies:

Health and Safety Policy

Confidentiality Policy

Lone Working Policy

Safeguarding Policy

General Guidance for Befrienders and Mentors

Safeguarding Do’s & Don’ts

Publicity Policy

Friendship Statement

Finance Policy

Privacy Policy