National charity appointed to support resettlement of Syrian refugees in Shropshire

Refugee Action has been appointed to support the resettlement of Syrian refugees into Shropshire. The national charity was chosen following a competitive procurement selection process to oversee the resettlement of Syrian refugees into the county. With over 30 years’ experience, Refugee Action is the leading charity supporting the resettlement of refugees in the UK, enabling some of the world’s most vulnerable people to rebuild their lives in dignity and integrate within local communities. The charity will be working closely with Shropshire’s Syrian Refugee Cross-Party Working Group to resettle up to 10 families in the county.  A team of dedicated staff and volunteers will be on hand to help the new arrivals settle into their new homes, access local services, and identify ways to help them integrate with local communities.

Mal Price, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for planning, housing, regulatory services and environment, and Chair of Shropshire’s Syrian Refugee Cross-Party Working Group, said: “I am delighted that Refugee Action have been appointed and look forward to working with them. Refugee Action was appointed because of their expertise in working with refugees and of this particular resettlement programme, and because of their willingness and enthusiasm for working with the local communities in Shropshire to harness all the support and goodwill on offer.”

Julie Kashirahamwe, Refugee Action’s National Resettlement Manager, said:  ”Refugee Action is delighted to be working in partnership with Shropshire Council to welcome Syrian refugees across the county over the coming year. Building on over 30 years’ experience of resettlement, our dedicated staff and volunteers look forward to working closely with the council to ensure these individuals and families, who have faced unimaginable horrors, are empowered to rebuild their lives in dignity.”

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We will be contacting all residents and groups who have kindly offered support as our plans progress.

You can also visit Here you’ll find FAQs to address any questions members of the public may want to ask, and myth busters around both refugees and asylum seekers.

Today (Wednesday 16 March 2016) Shropshire Council’s Cabinet agreed to the provision and support planned for the council’s on-going help to Syrian refugees: click here.