UK to accept 3,000 more refugees

This afternoon, we heard some great news. The UK is set to accept 3,000 more refugees, including some of the world’s most vulnerable children.
Under the government’s new plans – announced just a few hours ago – some of the world’s most at risk refugee children and their families will be brought to the UK through resettlement from the Middle East and North Africa.
That includes children separated from their families, vulnerable young people like child carers, and those facing the risk of child labour, child marriage or other forms of neglect, abuse or exploitation.
For these 3,000 individuals, this is life-changing news – and it’s people like you, who continue to stand up for refugees, who’ve made it happen.
There’s still plenty more to be done to help refugee families. Many thousands are scattered across Europe in camps like Idomeni and Calais. Many others are separated from close family, desperate to be reunited with their loved ones.
But today we have something to celebrate. And tomorrow, with your help, we’ll keep on fighting to make sure the UK helps as many refugee families as it can.
Thank you again for your support. As today’s news shows, it really does make a difference.

Stephen Hale OBE
Chief Executive, Refugee Action