Watch the unbelievable moment this family is reunited for Father’s Day

Citizens UK post, republished, about a child refugee, finally reunited with his uncle after thousands of miles, months in the Calais Jungle and on the streets of Paris.

Rehan was reunited with his uncle after Safe Passage took legal action forcing the government to bring him to safety. There are hundreds of children just like him desperate to reach their families but prevented from doing so by the authorities.
Working together with communities across the UK we’ve opened legal routes that have brought over 1,000 children to safety.
But the Government is refusing to reunite many more child refugees in Europe safely and legally with their families. That’s why, with your help, we took our Judicial Review to the High Court. They’ve now heard the arguments and we’re waiting for their decision which could open the way for hundreds more happy reunions like Rehan’s.

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