The Bromsgrove Poetry Films

Maz Salmou arrived here three years ago under the government’s SVPR scheme, having been a reporter in Syria. He has since set up his own filming business and has made several films celebrating our town Bromsgrove to which he is grateful. This project was sponsored by The Bromsgrove District Council, The Housman Society, The Bromsgrove Society, Bromsgrove Arts Alive and WORDS.

Maz’s first film, Bromsgrove And Its Poets, featured famous poets; AE Housman, Geoffrey Hill, Molly Holden and Sally Purcell.

You can watch this film here:


The second film in the project has been to encourage poets who live or have lived in the area to express their own poetic sense of place. They were invited to submit their work to a group chaired by Jo Freeman of Severn Arts, and Huw Moseley, Arts Officer for Bromsgrove Council and several others. Eight poems were chosen and a small committee of volunteers supported Maz’s travels round the district and introductions to the poets.

Faith Taylor, currently Young Poet Laureate for Worcestershire, who we are fortunate lives in Bromsgrove,wrote ‘Sparrow’ and this poem is threaded through the film, which shows a montage of scenes of Bromsgrove life from dawn to dusk. Other poets featured are Rachel Broad, Michael Hurst, Anna Dear, Gwyn Evans, Margaret Evans, Pat Leighton, and Jenna Plewes. The poets read their own poems in different areas of Bromsgrove.

You can watch this film here:

Maz and the featured poets from the second video