Canal Trips

Four canal trips were organised for the Syrians, Afghans and Ukrainians this summer, each with about 10 refugees and 2 BRWR volunteers.

The Pamela May Trust did 2 from Droitwich to Droitwich Marina and the Worcester-Birmingham & Droitwich Canal Society did 2 from Alvechurch to Tardebigge.

It was a unique opportunity to introduce the refugees to these historic heritage waterways and to the surrounding Worcestershire countryside. Even though some had poor English, the different nationalities and cultures had great fun together. The Pamela May Trust and the Worcester-Birmingham & Droitwich Canal Society provided tea, coffee, biscuits, soft drinks, even ice cream and the Canal Trust gave the refugees a gift each.

Special thanks to Frank for organising these splendid days out and for the canal societies for providing the boats, the crews and the refreshments.