Homes for Ukrainians Appeal

BRWR’s support to families from Ukraine at times includes requests from them to help find sponsors / a host family for other family members or friends still in Ukraine, and who are desperate to get to the UK, but need to link up with a prospective host in the UK in order to progress with their visa applications.

Examples are:

  • We have recently been asked if we can help find a sponsor for a young couple aged 25 and 27 couple. They have told us they both speak English well and would be hoping to resume employment as soon as possible once in the UK.
  • Another family, who came to live in Redditch from Ukraine last October, are telling us about a 27 year old friend in Ukraine in the same position

If you are able to consider offering your support as a host/sponsor to the 3 individuals mentioned, please let us know on our email address and also register your interest with The ‘Homes for Ukraine’ team in Worcestershire –