Over 300 bags of aid for refugees

Bromsgrove and Redditch have once again demonstrated how wonderful
communities live in these two districts, who are generous, caring and

BRWR collected over three hundred bags of aid for refugees which included
clothes for men, women and children, sleeping bags, toiletries and shoes.
The aid was taken to People in Motion based in Malvern where it will be
further sorted as per needs of refugees in various camps and shipped over.

Collecting 1

Naeem Arif, vice chairman of BRWR who led this initiative was delighted and
overwhelmed by public response. He said a big thank you to all the people
of Bromsgrove and Redditch who brought the aid but in particular to all
those dedicated volunteers who helped him on the day of collection.

Collecting 2

The next collection day is 14th May between 2 till 5pm at St. John’s the
Baptist Church, Crown Close, Bromsgrove.

Further information can be obtained from Naeem by email
naeemarif57@gmail.com or by phone 07722429304.