Introducing RefuJUICE

Made with the help of Syrian refugees and in partnership with Pershore College, BRWR have produced their very own delicious apple juice. What’s more, you can help us raise money by buying some to enjoy.

It’s a charming accompaniment to any Christmas meal. Tasty with turkey, scrumptious with sprouts! And a delectable gift for anyone. No added rubbish.

The apples used for RefuJUICE were hand-picked from a local orchard by volunteers. These quality ‘gleaned’ apples had been rejected (for no good reason) and were set to simply fall off the trees and rot.

We worked with some of our new Syrian friends to turn these apples into a mouth-watering memorable drink to raise funds.
Full of goodness, 2 year shelf life, beautifully presented. Juicy!

Volunteers from BRWR joined forces with Worcestershire Gleaning Network this November to pick 2 tonnes of apples on a farm near Alcester.

The harvest was distributed to charities, social centres and projects across the Midlands; including Redditch Food Bank, The Sandycroft Centre, Emmanuel Church and the Redi Centre.

BRWR have marked the occasion by creating a bottled drink, ‘RefuJUICE’ to help raise funds.


Alistair Waugh of BRWR said:

“Despite the chilly weather it was a warm welcome to our local landscape. A great reminder that we can all do something to help one another. 

“Not only have we worked with some of the new Syrian community living in Redditch to harvest unwanted apples, but we’ve also created ‘RefuJUICE’. A fruitful reminder of community spirit.

“We need a revolution in how food is produced and distributed. Ideas like ‘RefuJUICE’ could one day play an important role in stopping food waste. Every year a fifth of all the fruit and vegetables grown on farms in Europe never actually leaves the farm. Yet, in the UK alone there are over 5 million people in poverty. It’s time to put a stop to food waste.”

RefuJUICE is available at all of our upcoming events. To pre-order, or for more details of how to buy some, email: