Ukrainian Refugee from Redditch wants to continue career as singing tutor

Tetiana was a professional singer in Ukraine. She performed in many music events, collaborated with other musicians and created original content, including children’s songs, for different YouTube channels. She was also a vocal coach for 11 years with her own studio but was forced to abandon her business when the Russians invaded.
She wants to continue her career here, so if you would like to improve your singing voice, even develop an operatic technique, please contact Tetiana, details below.
Here are some videos of Tetiana singing with the European Youth Music Refugee Choir at the Everyman Theatre, Liverpool, plus her interviews with Sonia.

Eurovision star Sonia performs with a refugee choir in Liverpool – YouTube

Full performance of Eurovision star Sonia with the refugee choir in Liverpool – YouTube

Tetiana is singing the second verse of Sonia’s 1989 No.1 “You’ll never stop me loving you” in Ukrainian.

ITV Granada news report – European Youth Music Refugee Choir


To contact Tetiana for vocal coaching click this link.