Accomodation Required

The Government has now resumed taking refugees from the Syrian refugee camps in various countries and also from other countries with serious problems, such as Afghanistan. We are looking for reasonably priced accommodation to rent in both Bromsgrove and Redditch, so that we are able to take more families as required. Accommodation can be flats or houses of varying sizes, but need to be affordable as the families will be on benefits until they are able to get employment, which can take quite a while. If you have, or know someone who has, a suitable property, please contact

Two-tier UK asylum plans. UNHCR urges rethink.

See government’s new rules for how we treat refugees, which may undermine our obligations under international law and have already received criticism from the UNHCR, who rightly said that the “asylum proposals would damage lives, be hard to implement and undermine international cooperation on refugee issues”.

UNHCR – two-tier UK asylum plans

People would be judged by how they got here, rather than by their need for protection. It would make it even more difficult for refugee families to reunite, leaving children stranded and alone. And it would mean that many people seeking protection, will be left destitute.

Welcoming Refugees and Asylum Seekers to Worcestershire: Easing the Path.

Saturday 8th March at 7:30pm on Zoom

Hosted by Amnesty International’s Festival of Social Justice

You’re invited to join us to hear speakers from Wythall Amnesty, Bromsgrove and Redditch Welcome Refugees and Malvern Welcomes. There is also the opportunity to view on video personal testimonies from refugee families, asylum seekers and volunteers. Questions will be welcomed from all participants at the end of the session.

Please register for the event soon. You can see details on the Amnesty Festival of Social Justice website:

You can also book your place directly on Eventbrite here: Book here on Eventbrite


Glean for Brum

Glean for Brum has been set up by three volunteers, including a BRWR member. It aims to go into fields to harvest produce that would otherwise go to waste and give it free to organisations who distribute to those in need in the local area (south Birmingham and into Worcestershire).

Glean for Brum have Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts and their website is being constructed. People can sign up via MailChimp.

Sue’s Family Story

Supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, “People in Motion” have been working with local communities to capture important stories about welcoming refugees in rural areas through the generations. This series of short films captures a snapshot of people’s experiences, hopes, stories and memories that may have otherwise been forgotten or pushed aside.
They will be launching the films in the coming weeks and thought they would share Sue’s story as a lovely sneak preview for you to enjoy. Sue lives in Worcestershire and is involved with the Bromsgrove and Redditch Welcome Refugees community group, thank you for sharing your story Sue.

Sue’s Family Story