Fled from distant lands

Poem by Margaret, a BRWR committee member and volunteer.

Accepted for ‘The Poetry of Worcestershire’ anthology.

Please read, then read again:


Fled from distant lands

Quietly we’ve settled here in Worcestershire.
Unrecognised, unknown,
Head-scarfed, long-robed, strange in the rain
Welcomed to your villages and homes.

Will you listen while we learn your tongue?
Speak of our families in far-flung lands?
We clutch their ghosts in mobile phones
Close to our eyes, our ears, our hearts.

Hear how our homes were bombed,
Our farmland burnt, our people shot.

Life has so changed.

And now in peace we want to work,
To welcome you into our homes,
Drink coffee, talk of our new hopes!

Margaret Evans

Many thanks to the Aleathon Runners

Aleathon Runners present their collection to BRWR Co-Chair Margaret Evans

Every year, hardened athletes from the RunSanders and Avoncroft Hurriers run groups take part in an Aleathon for charity. Starting at the Ewe and Lamb, they run to the Queens Head, then along the canal to the Navigation Inn, then the Boat and Railway, then back up the hill along Brickhouse Lane to the Ewe and Lamb, stopping at each pub for some refreshment. This year, they raised £66. Their chosen charity was BRWR, which helps Syrian refugees, brought here under the government’s Vulnerable Persons Relocation Scheme (VPRS), to settle into their new homes and the local community. Run Group leader Natasha Tandy said “We’re a local run group and we want to support local charities”.

Many thanks to Tash and her groups.


Donation much appreciated.