Redditch Welcomes Refugees

Open Public Meeting Tuesday 24th May 7.30 pm
St Stephens Church, Church Green, Redditch
The first refugees from the camps surrounding Syria allocated to Worcestershire under the Vulnerable Persons Relocation Scheme will be arriving in July.
What is the background to this situation?
How many will be coming to our area?
How will they be accommodated?
What will be their needs?
How can we volunteer to offer help and friendship to these vulnerable people?
Redditch has joined with the Bromsgrove group, Bromsgrove & Redditch Welcome Refugees BRWR, to form Bromsgrove and Redditch Welcomes Refugees  BRWR
BRWR is for all who for reasons of common humanity wish to help in this tragic situation. It is for people of all faiths and none and all political persuasions and none.
All welcome, please come.
Learn the facts and what we can do to help.
Contact:  Dr John Cochrane on

Summer Clothing Appeal

14 May Drop In Aid appeal for summer clothing.

Naeem Arif of Bromsgrove Welcome Refugees is urgently appealing to kind hearted residents of Bromsgrove, Redditch and surrounding districts for donations of summer clothes, foot wear, t-shirts and insect repellent to help refugees through the current heat wave in camps situated around Syrian boarders.
Naeem who has successfully collected aid in March and April explained: “wearing winter clothes in this heat, makes their already difficult lives even more uncomfortable, and can even be dangerous.  Refugees urgently need summer clothes, children clothes, summer footwear etc.  Thank you in advance for any help you can give.” Full list of aid needed is as follow:
Tents, sleeping bags, wind up torches, men’s joggers s/m, men’s t-shirts, sun hats, sun screen, insect repellent, toiletries, flip flops and sandals, trainers, women’s thin long sleeved tops, tunic or long dresses, leggings, long head scarves, bras, new underwear all genders all sizes, socks, nappies, baby wipes, pushchairs, new hairbrushes
No winter wear please.
Donations can be dropped between 2 till 5pm on 14th May at St. John’s Church, Crown Close, Bromsgrove.  Further information can be obtained from Naeem Arif on mobile number 07722429304 or by email at


UK to accept 3,000 more refugees

This afternoon, we heard some great news. The UK is set to accept 3,000 more refugees, including some of the world’s most vulnerable children.
Under the government’s new plans – announced just a few hours ago – some of the world’s most at risk refugee children and their families will be brought to the UK through resettlement from the Middle East and North Africa.
That includes children separated from their families, vulnerable young people like child carers, and those facing the risk of child labour, child marriage or other forms of neglect, abuse or exploitation.
For these 3,000 individuals, this is life-changing news – and it’s people like you, who continue to stand up for refugees, who’ve made it happen.
There’s still plenty more to be done to help refugee families. Many thousands are scattered across Europe in camps like Idomeni and Calais. Many others are separated from close family, desperate to be reunited with their loved ones.
But today we have something to celebrate. And tomorrow, with your help, we’ll keep on fighting to make sure the UK helps as many refugee families as it can.
Thank you again for your support. As today’s news shows, it really does make a difference.

Stephen Hale OBE
Chief Executive, Refugee Action

BRWR Committee Members visit Coventry

coventry group-88Several members of BRWR committee visited Coventry city on 20th April to learn from their experience of settling refugees.

Prof Simon Brake, Director of Primary Care, Sustainability and Integration at Coventry City Council and Chief Executive of Coventry & Rugby GP Alliance NHS, who led the Coventry bid to welcome refugees in 2014, welcomed us at the beautiful and historic city of Coventry that has a population of about 330,000.

To support settlement of refugees a grant aid agreement is made with three local organisations which consist of Coventry CAB, Law Centre and Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre.  Working in collaboration with the Home Office, the Bishop of Coventry, multi faith networks and specialist organisations, Simon has successfully settled over 190 refugees in the city.  He informed us that at present the Home Office is considering refugees under the following three vulnerability criteria:

  1. Missing male member from family
  2. Suffered torture and violence
  3. Health conditions not treatable within camps or the country refugees are in.

Simon further told us that when refugees arrive in the city, they are provided caseworkers to deal with necessary documentation and necessary support for acclimatisation.  Refugees are provided with basic essentials to start their new life in the city.

coventry group 2-88Talking about the role of volunteers, Simon was very clear on suitability and reliability of volunteers.  Supporting refugees who may have faced all sorts of persecution and torture, sexual violence and loss of family members is not only complex but where a high degree of sensitivity and empathy is required too.  Hence the need for volunteers to be suitably trained, enhanced DBS checked and reliability is assured.

He also added that due to complex nature of housing, education and money matters, organisations supporting refugees must have communications and press policies.  Restraint should be exercised in entering into a debate on these statutory functions and should be left to the statutory authorities to deal with.

Simon gave us valuable insight to the type of help refugees would find useful and appreciate, as certain goods and provisions will not be provided to them through statutory resources.

Naeem Arif

Vice chairman

Bromsgrove Welcome Refugees

Bromsgrove Annual Awards 2016

Dear friends

I am sure you’ll be delighted to know that tonight our Vice-Chairman, Naeem Arif won the ‘Outstanding Community Individual’ Award in the ‘2016 Spirit of Bromsgrove Annual Awards Ceremony’.


This was a very competitive category whereby several people from whole of Bromsgrove District where nominated out of which the judges shortlisted three outstanding individuals and in the awards ceremony tonight Naeem won!

This is history in the making – Naeem is the first Muslim and an individual from a minority ethnic background in the history of Bromsgrove to have won this award.

At a time of much negativity Naeem has brought positivity for our community and our holy faith. We are proud of him and for all the hard work he does in a voluntary capacity for not only BMCT but Bromsgrove & Redditch Welcome Refugees group of which he is also the vice chairman, as well as helping those less fortunate through food banks, interfaith work and bringing communities together.

His tireless efforts along with his colleagues on the refugee committee has helped to promote awareness, develop networks and create a welcoming environment for refugee families, which I understand are due to arrive in Worcestershire county in July this year.

He is truly and inspiration to all of us and a true ambassador of Islam, humanity and our community.

May Allah bless him and his family always. Ameen.

Best wishes

*Dr Waqar Azmi OBE*
Chairman, Bromsgrove Muslim Community Trust


Over 300 bags of aid for refugees

Bromsgrove and Redditch have once again demonstrated how wonderful
communities live in these two districts, who are generous, caring and

BRWR collected over three hundred bags of aid for refugees which included
clothes for men, women and children, sleeping bags, toiletries and shoes.
The aid was taken to People in Motion based in Malvern where it will be
further sorted as per needs of refugees in various camps and shipped over.

Collecting 1

Naeem Arif, vice chairman of BRWR who led this initiative was delighted and
overwhelmed by public response. He said a big thank you to all the people
of Bromsgrove and Redditch who brought the aid but in particular to all
those dedicated volunteers who helped him on the day of collection.

Collecting 2

The next collection day is 14th May between 2 till 5pm at St. John’s the
Baptist Church, Crown Close, Bromsgrove.

Further information can be obtained from Naeem by email or by phone 07722429304.