Watch the unbelievable moment this family is reunited for Father’s Day

Citizens UK post, republished, about a child refugee, finally reunited with his uncle after thousands of miles, months in the Calais Jungle and on the streets of Paris.

Rehan was reunited with his uncle after Safe Passage took legal action forcing the government to bring him to safety. There are hundreds of children just like him desperate to reach their families but prevented from doing so by the authorities.
Working together with communities across the UK we’ve opened legal routes that have brought over 1,000 children to safety.
But the Government is refusing to reunite many more child refugees in Europe safely and legally with their families. That’s why, with your help, we took our Judicial Review to the High Court. They’ve now heard the arguments and we’re waiting for their decision which could open the way for hundreds more happy reunions like Rehan’s.

Watch and share this story of hope.

Will your candidate sign the Refugee Pledge?

Would you encourage your local candidates to demonstrate their commitment to refugee protection by signing the Refugees Welcome Pledge. So far, nearly 470 people have emailed their candidates. That’s an amazing achievement. But we want to do more!
It’s a big target for us but we’d love to get 1000 people to email their candidates because that would translate into thousands of candidates being asked by voters to protect refugees. And the more candidates we can contact, the more likely we’ll end up with MPs in the new Government who’ve made that promise. Will you help us reach more candidates?


It only takes a couple of minutes but it could make a real difference in making sure the next Government includes MPs who’ve promised to protect refugees.
The General Election took us all by surprise but it’s an opportunity to make sure our politicians commit to protecting refugees. Help us make the most of this opportunity by emailing your candidates now.
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Refugee Action Survey – Results

We did it!! We were aiming for 1000 people to fill in our general election survey and you made it happen! 1050 of you shared your views with us and we can’t thank you enough.
We wanted to let you know what came out of the survey so we’ve put together this simple graphic with the top findings

View the Findings

We’ve included the issues you chose as being the most important in our election materials for candidates and we’ll be using them to plan our campaigning once the next government is in place.
We also couldn’t agree more with everyone who said that the rhetoric and media coverage of refugee and asylum seekers is one of the biggest challenges to protecting people seeking safety.
We’re so glad you’re with us as we campaign to challenge the rhetoric of fear, hate and division. Together we can make sure the UK continues its proud tradition as a place of safety and refuge for people fleeing war and persecution.
We’ll be in touch with more ways you can get involved in our general election campaign next week, but for now thank you again for being with us!
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Refugee Action Survey

Please share the issues that are most important to you in the upcoming general election. Nearly 600 people have already shared their priorities – can you help us make it to 1000?
The more people who share their thoughts with us, the stronger our campaign will be to make sure helping refugees is a priority for the next Government. The voices of many are harder to ignore than those of a few.

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The survey should only take a few minutes to complete and it will really make a difference to our campaign.
This is our chance to make sure the next Government commits to protecting people who’ve been forced to flee their home in fear.
Please help us make the most of it by taking our survey now.
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