Will your candidate sign the Refugee Pledge?

Would you encourage your local candidates to demonstrate their commitment to refugee protection by signing the Refugees Welcome Pledge. So far, nearly 470 people have emailed their candidates. That’s an amazing achievement. But we want to do more!
It’s a big target for us but we’d love to get 1000 people to email their candidates because that would translate into thousands of candidates being asked by voters to protect refugees. And the more candidates we can contact, the more likely we’ll end up with MPs in the new Government who’ve made that promise. Will you help us reach more candidates?


It only takes a couple of minutes but it could make a real difference in making sure the next Government includes MPs who’ve promised to protect refugees.
The General Election took us all by surprise but it’s an opportunity to make sure our politicians commit to protecting refugees. Help us make the most of this opportunity by emailing your candidates now.
With thanks,
Campaigns team